Option ROM


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Option ROM
An Option ROM typically consists of firmware that is called by the system BIOS. For example, an adapter card that controls a boot device might contain firmware that is used to connect the device to the system once the Option ROM is loaded.

Un-configurable Devicess
Plug and play and hot swappable devices are not configurable in the Plug and play and hot swappable devices also have BIOS.
The motherboard BIOS typically contains code to access fundamental hardware components such as the keyboard, floppy drives, ATA (IDE) hard disk controllers, USB humen interface devices, and storege devices.
- In addition, plug-in adapter cards such as SCSI, RAID, Network interface cards, and video boards often include their own BIOS, complementing or replacing the system BIOS code for the given component.
In this short video, which can be paused and rewound, you can see how to:
Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.17.41 AM.jpg
- Access CMOS Setup
- Navigate around CMOS
- Edit the BIOS Paremeters
- Find Device Drivers
- Save and Exit.

So what have we talked adout?
- We have talked about the CMOS & BIOS. We hope that this presentation has helped you to understand the BIOS & CMOS better.